The First Five

When I decided to create my blog, I wanted to get at least five posts to begin. I always felt that my first blog would be “The Role of a Prophet”. The other topics were ones that stuck in my mind the most. Only these first five are meant to be read in order, from the first post (“The Role of a Prophet”) to the last of the five (“Finding God”). Read at will, though! This suggestion isn't meant to be restrictive.
My plan is to make a new post every week, most likely Sunday. This won't always be the case, no doubt. Blogging forces me to consolidate everything I've learned since keeping a journal over the past few years. 
I realize that the first five posts are very broad subjects, but they are ones I want to get out the most. There is more I could say on those subjects, but what I've written is all I feel to say. It won't always be that I cover such concrete topics. I have other ideas that I go back to every now and again that I'm still learning about. I realize that I tend to use a lot of quotes and scripture in my writing; however, there will be posts that will entail mostly my own commentary.
In any regard, I do enjoy comments. I enjoy fruitful discussion. I learn a lot that way. Don't feel afraid to offend me--with your ideas/opinions. All ideas are welcome. I hope that some of you will get something out of this as much as I have. So, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You are even more my favorite son-in-law !! I am going to enjoy this...and really benefit from your testimony. I hope I can reach the spiritual level where you are...and I am so grateful for you. I will be your biggest fan :)